Our goal

We firmly believe that games are more than just entertainment. Which is why we have been working hard to create initiatives that will boost and improve the game development community and industry in Peru.

Here are some of them.

Lima Game Fest

The Lima Game Fest is the only gaming festival in Peru dedicated to the game-devs. It is a weekend-long festival where over 40 videogame projects, exclusively from Peru, and its creators gather to showcase the very best of our local industry.

The festival comes to an end with the celebration of the Lima Game Awards, in which we award the Best Peruvian Game of the Year. Prior to the festival, over the course of 5 months, developers from all over Peru submit their games to be considered for this prize.


Devsconectados is a podcast where we invite renowned local game devs to talk about the industry, game trends, their projects and videogames, etc.

We try to keep the talk light and understandable for the public, as we try to encourage people to learn more about what we do as game developers.